New & Used Caravans for Sale

If you are interested in purchasing a new or secondhand static caravan please contact us to see what is currently available.

We are open all year (for holiday use only) and give a twenty year tenancy on a new van.

Our annual site fees and rates are £2595 including VAT. This is split into two payments – one on 1 April and the other on 1 October.

Electric is metered and billed on the October invoice and Insurance is billed on the April invoice. Gas can be paid “as you go” or can be invoiced to your account and paid in April and October.

  • New caravans (sited) cost £30,000+.
  • Double glazed and centrally heated caravans cost £35,000+.

This price includes the retail price of the caravan, the transport costs and our siting fee.
Decking, landscaping and fencing are billed additionally.

New Caravan For Sale, Swift Atlantique 28×12 2B, C/H D/G and front doors, partial sea views, pitch 110 asking price £31,500.00 plus decking

ABI Westlake 36×12 2b,C/H D/G and front opening doors, pitch 31 £37,000.00 plus decking available mid April

Secondhand caravans are priced at approximately £1500 per year left to run on the tenancy (ie. a 10yr old van with 10yrs tenancy left will cost £13-15,000 depending on the size, location and condition of the caravan).

New & Used Caravans for Sale